IMG_0542 I joined CrossFit 480 because I had been working with a personal trainer for 2 years and stopped making progress after the first six months.  My husband Brad, also a member, asked me if I wanted to give CrossFit a try and reluctantly I agreed.  Brad did the research and after meeting with Derek we joined starting with 3 days a week.  We both are now crossfitting 5 -6 days a week.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 17.  For 35 years, checking my blood sugar and counting carbs has been a way of life.  While the majority of diabetics struggle to keep high blood sugars under control, my struggle is surviving frequent dangerous low blood sugars.  CrossFit and the coaches at 480 have been a tremendous support offering suggestions on what to eat prior to the WOD, as well as, following the WOD.  After joining a 30 day Paleo challenge at 480, I discovered that my blood sugars were much easier to control eliminating gluten from my diet.  While I still have daily lows, I am happy to say that I have very few scary dangerous low sugars.

My daughter and son-in-law, along with my husband are all 480 members.  I truly love sharing something that I enjoy and do almost daily with my family.  I mentioned to Derek a few months ago that he changed my life.  I enjoyed a very happy marriage and family life prior to 480, however, getting stronger, accomplishing WOD’s at a level that didn’t seem possible when I first started, having more energy, and ability to focus while sharing time with those closest to me has provided even greater emotional and mental fitness. Better physical fitness goes without saying! Have I said yet that I love 480?

CrossFit 480 is the first experience I have had working out in a group environment.  Initially I was intimidated since I didn’t know how and lacked the ability to perform several of the lifts and gymnastic movements.  What you hear about the great support granted in the CrossFit community is true at 480.  Brad and I enjoy many close friendships with 480 members and we look forward to seeing them and encouraging their successes and we receive the same encouragement from them. There are obviously days that I feel more excited to workout than others, my friends hold me accountable and inspire me to get it done.  Exercise really can be fun!

Listening to the coaches and members say “you are strong enough and yes you can” has helped me try things I would never have done working out at my previous gym. While confidence has never been a struggle for me, I know without a doubt that the increased focus and energy I enjoy as a result of 480 makes me a better leader, wife, mother and friend.


If you are considering CrossFit, I invite you to come and join me at 480.  I look forward to meeting you and watching your progress!