Dennis Before PictureI have been married to my wife Julie for 36 years and have one son who is a Senior Writer for the ABC show “Scandal”. Tammy Michaud’s favorite show! I am currently CFO for a technology reseller based in Virginia Beach.

I attended a boot camp in the Washington DC area for about 8 years, but really never accomplished much. My weight never went below 215, I could do an unassisted pull-up, and my running was OK after finishing the Army 10 miler and the Marine Corp marathon. Prior to joining CrossFit 480, I tried to do CrossFit workouts with primarily KBs and realized I needed a group setting and proper instruction.

I joined CrossFit 480 in May of 2013, after 2 days of intro from DK and observing the 5:30 AM class I realized DK knew so much about training and coaching … I was hooked.  The friendliness that first day from Antonio, Ryan, Janice, and Mike really convinced me this was going to change my life. I think it was Ryan who told to “stick with it no matter what.

I turned 60 in April and my body feels great. My biggest accomplishment so far has finally been breaking the 190 lb barrier through last years Whole 30 challenge. Two big encouragements have been keeping my weight off and improving my baseline  elements score. I finished the 2014 open ranked 297. My hope is to convince everyone to participate in 2015. It’s an amazing feeling to finally break through and actually finish a workout.  I have accomplished a 245 DL, thanks to the 1 tip of putting my arms against my legs at the start and studying Lauren’s tips on the CF480 youtube site.

CrossFit 480 is a healthy way of life and after my morning workout I feel like I can accomplish anything. Everyday is a competition within myself. This was my biggest accomplishment to convince myself to only compete against me. All the coaches at CF480 are amazing! This is what makes CF so much better than any other type of fitness or way of life. Thank you Derek, Josh, Gabrielle, Zach, Carrie, Lauren, Meghan, and  Amanda!


I moved to AZ in 2011, weighed 230 lbs and had high blood pressure.
Now my blood pressure is normal and I weigh between 185-190 lbs.
Baseline workout: 14 MAY 2013: 8:58 w/ Ring Rows
01 NOV. 2014: 6:28 w/Blue Band