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Aaron has lost 40 lbs and 4 inches off his waist.

“Why did I join crossfit? Well, it all started as a way to get my life insurance premiums down. I had taken a few physicals after the birth of our daughter and my health at the time was going to cost me a small fortune over the next 30 years in premium expenses. I was not on track to living a healthy lifestyle.

I would typically go to the gym 2 times a week and hop on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes followed by the bench press some lateral raises and bicep curls. I would have 4-6 drinks a day depending on which client I was having lunch with. Additionally, there was typical stress from work coupled with becoming a first time father which resulted in constant fatigue. My lower back was always killing me and I instantly cramped during any aerobic conditioning.

The biggest issue I always faced with fitness was trying to figure out what I was going to do in the gym. I had played athletics through college so I was always just simply told what I had to do to get results. This meant all I had to do was show up and put in the effort then the results would follow. After I had exhausted my eligibility, I had no idea what would lead to measurable results so I fell into the trap of treadmill and routine lifts which ultimately became boring and unproductive. The best thing about Crossfit 480 is that it takes the planning out of my fitness routine. I simply show up and do what is on the board. If you give it a good effort you will see results. It is simply a matter of self-accountability because the coaching and programming is elite.

Since joining the Crossfit 480 community a lot has changed in my life. I have lost 40 pounds and 4 inches around my waist. The life insurance premiums have gone down significantly. All the pain in my lower back has disappeared and I no longer have problems getting through the day without napping. Not to mention, I have shaved 5 strokes off my golf handicap!

The challenging atmosphere of crossfit has translated into improvements outside of the gym as well. It has created a more competitive environment in the office which is unique since it is a home office (I am totally crushing my wife in TPS reports on a daily basis!). The best part is simply having the energy to wake up with my daughter and do activities with her (swim, music, etc.) while continuing to produce results in the office. Before Crossfit 480, it seemed like everything in my life was a compromise. I could work a productive 8 hour day or spend time with my daughter or go to the gym but I would never have the energy to do all 3 in a single day. It felt like I was designating certain days of the week for each activity. Monday would be work, Tuesday would be daughter, Wednesday for the gym and so on. That is a shitty way to live your life, not to mention the obvious inefficiencies. Ultimately, Crossfit 480 has let me get back to attacking each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.