I’m New to CrossFit

  • Elements
  • $
    for 1 session
  • 1 session of personal training(max 3 people)
  • New member ramp up to teach the basics 
  • This is required for CrossFit membership

I’ve taken Elements or I’m a CrossFitter


  • CrossFit
  • $
    per month
  • Monthly membership
  • Allows unlimited access.  No Contracts!
  • Elements is required


I Want to Workout!

  • Bootcamp
  • $
    per month
  • Free for CF480 Members*
  • 45 Minutes
  • Wed. & Fri. at 12pm
  • Elements is NOT required
  • Boot Camp focuses on full body and core strength, endurance, conditioning, flexibility, and body fat loss. We incorporate the fundamentals of CrossFit, high intensity interval training, and traditional sports conditioning. This allows beginners to elite athletes to progress. Our classes are effective, challenging, and results-based. Join us for a great workout that is only 45 minutes! If you have any questions please email Derek@crossfit480.com, thank you!

    *CF480 Members can attend any bootcamp session instead of their normal weekly class.

10% discounts offered to military personal, police officers, and firemen

20% discount offered to anyone who has been awarded The Purple Heart

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