Interested in Obstacle Racing, Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, or are you planning on joining the Military?  Well, you are in the right place.  We are here to tell you that all you need to do is CrossFit, yep just CrossFit.  All you need is functional fitness program, great coach, and good nutritional advice.  There is NO secret program to out there, just do CrossFit.  Derek (head strength&conditioning coach) served 5 years in the US Army, which all my time was in 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Special Operations.  Rangers can do a lot of things very well, one being endurance training.   If Derek can use CrossFit or a functional fitness program to succeed in Ranger Battalion then we think CrossFit will work exceptionally well for anyone seeking Spartan races, Tough Mudder, or even Marathon training!  Derek was in Ranger Battalion when Rangers did a tremndous amount of running long distances, Battalion switched their programming while Derek was in and they have not looked back.  Programs consist of shorter runs, higher intensity, more strength training, and HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training).  Sounds a lot like CrossFit!

Another coach on staff, Zack Kepes has completed 3 Ironmans and numerous 1/2 Ironman and Olympic distances.  He is also CrossFit Endurance Certified.

CrossFit 480 has an Ex Special Operations solider teaching CrossFit in Scottsdale, so if you are looking to become a Spartan Racer or joining the Military we believe their is no better place then to learn from then here at 480.