We have seen countless motivational quotes, videos, and ads for make 2015 the best yet! How do we do this? We need to find what works best for each individual and the best way to set us up for success. It is good to reflect back on this past year and celebrate the successes, recognize the difficult times and the learning in them and the blessings we all have. Some might look back on this past year and think, well I didn’t stick with “it” whatever that may be for you. Remember you either win or learn. Take that learning and apply it to this year.

Two of the most popular resolutions would be “lose weight” and “stay fit and healthy.” Here are 10 resolutions to help in your fitness journey and get you on your way to the results you want.

  1. Set realistic goals. Take baby steps. If you want to get double unders, take 5 min. before class and work on them.
  2. Participate in a gym challenge
  3. Get out of my comfort zone
  4. Cut out sugar (Maybe cut out sweets during the week and on the weekend allow 1 cheat treat.)
  5. Make it to the gym 3-4 times a week consistently
  6. Drink more water (You should be drinking .5 ounces per pound of bodyweight.)
  7. Don’t cherry pick workouts- show up and do my best!
  8. Stop comparing myself- it’s me vs. me
  9. Go “RX” on a WOD
  10. Remember have fun!

Make your resolutions SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE and outline the ACTION STEPS (baby steps) you need to take in order the get there.

Remember you either win or learn!