CrossFit 480-18


The holidays have come and gone. The hype of New Years resolutions have started to fade. How do you stay motivated to keep going and not get overwhelmed? Statistics show that only 71% of resolutions stick past two weeks. Here are a few tips to keep motivated two weeks into 2015.


Identify your readiness to change. Ask yourself this question. How bad do you want it? How could your life be different if you did A,B,C or if A,B, and C happened. Reflect on the goals you set and see if they are actually things that you want and need in your life. If your goals align with your values, your eagerness to change will fall hand-in-hand. For example, if you want to lose 10 lbs. but are not giving up comfort foods, i.e. diet drinks, alcohol, or sweets then realign your goals with what you value. You can commit to eating healthy 5 days a week.


Believe. You have to believe in order to achieve! Even if the goal seems impossible, see yourself ‘there.’ Remember that if it was easy everyone would do it.


Baby Steps. Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It starts with the small stuff, in order get somewhere and achieve a goal. A big goal would be adding 50 lbs. to your clean or drop a substantial amount of weight. To achieve this goal, maybe do a strength cycle, for example Wendler or clean 3x a week adding 1-2.5 pounds each week. Instead of eating dessert at night, try eating some almond butter with apple slices.


Constructive Criticism. We all have setbacks throughout the year in some form or another. When these occur don’t throw in the towel and say forget it. Give yourself a pep talk. If you eat a meal that is not on your nutrition plan, get on track for the next meal. If you tell yourself you are a failure you will most likely fall off the wagon on your New Years resolutions. Success is not all or nothing. Be positive and keep moving forward.


Strengthen the mind. Mental strength is just as important as the physical. You have to strengthen your mind by exercising it, just like we do with our bodies in the gym. It is impossible to reach your goals without having mental strength. This will look different to each person. For you it might be not missing a workout in a month, not eating any processed foods for 1 week, or take time to calm your mind and be alone in your thoughts for 30 min. Find what challenges your mind to build it.


Take a few minutes of some quiet time to think, pray, or meditate to visualize where it is you want to be.