Hand maintenance


So you have been doing CrossFit for a while and your hands are accustomed to bar-bell work, pull-ups, ring work, and toes to bar. While learning and progressing with these movements are exciting,  your hands might not feel the same way. It is important to properly take care of them, so they will not interfere with your workouts.

In the sport you do want tough hands so you are not ripping constantly. On the other side, if you start to develop calluses you need to properly take care of them because if you do not they can pinch and rip when doing barbell and bar work. Here are a few steps to keep your hands healthy while keeping them soft and smooth but still tough.

Step 1

MOISTURIZE! This is something you should be doing daily with lotion or vaseline. Vaseline is great if your hands are dry and cracked. Using excessive chalk can dry out and make your hands more susceptible to ripping.

Step 2

Shave your calluses once a week. It is not wise to shave your calluses following a workout, when your hands are sore and tender. I would recommend doing this on a rest day or the following morning. Here is what I would recommend to use. This is quick, easy and keeps your calluses smooth.


Step 3

Using a Pedi Egg will help get rid of any excess ridges or bumps. This can be done throughout the week with small calluses that might not need to be shaved off. Try filing your hands down after shaving the bulk of your calluses off for a nice smooth finish.


Here is a tip for those whose hands have ripped or blistered. Try Blister Band Aids. They protect your hands and help promote quick healing. One thing I love about them is they stick to your skin really well.


Now you know 3 easy steps to take to keep your hands feeling and looking great. You will be ready to tackle any workout that comes your way!