Your 1st class is FREE! Please email [email protected] to schedule a day/time to come in and checkout the gym. You can take a look at our class schedule on the Schedule/Pricing Page.

No two CrossFit gyms are the same. At CrossFit 480, we believe many things separate us from our peers. In particular, our coaching staff at CF480 is what makes us most unique. Our experience in coaching CrossFit and its methods is unparalleled. Step foot in our gym and you’ll immediately recognize our attention to training detail and technique. Whether it be with general health & fitness or in the “Sport of Fitness”, CF480 is the Scottsdale area’s CrossFit gym of choice. We believe it is very important to walk the walk and lead by example. This is very evident at CF480 because we spend our time improving our coaching, training, and helping members as opposed to selling supplements, promoting a clothing line, or hosting networking meetings. Simply put we promote what our members came to us for in the first place – training! CrossFit in Scottsdale CrossFit 480.