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This coming Saturday we will be hosting our monthly FREE class open to all non-members as well as 480 members (as long as you bring a non-member with you!). The class will start at 10am.

The WOD will be broad and inclusive. Make no mistake though…it will also be very challenging! Like all CrossFit WOD’s, it will be scalable based on your experience and physical abilities.

If you’re a 480 member and plan on attending just let us know some time this coming week. If you are a non-member please RSVP as soon as possible to [email protected] Space is limited as we will be capping the number of attendees given the turnout we’ve had the past few months!

CF480 Members – this is a great opportunity to introduce the training that you love to your friends and family. We encourage you to bring as many athletes in with you as you’d like (provided we have space). Thanks!