Welcome to CF480, we love meeting new visitors everyday!   Drop INs have 2 streamline choices, sign up thru full site(click on link at the bottom of page)or our APP.  Please make yourself at home, if you need to adjust the WOD or want to do something different then what’s on our whiteboard, NO problem! 

Signing up thru APP:

Download our APP (480FIT) scroll down for the link

Once APP is open swipe right on the screen and go to “PRICING“. Pick a 1x, 2x, or 3x class package. Once you go to checkout it will prompt you to login. You must click on “I don’t have an account”. Agree to the waiver and follow instructions.

Once you buy a credit you can then sign up for any class on the Schedule!

$13.50 for 1 session, $24 for 2, or $34 for 3x .

If you travel to the area frequently then you can easily buy classes with a push of the button!

We like to make this process as streamline as possible, if you are unable register online you may walk in.  We know traveling and finding a gym can be tough, please let us know how we can accommodate you.

Thank you for supporting a Iraq & Afghanistan War Veteran, your business is appreciated.  CrossFit Scottsdale 480

You can use CF480 APP to purchase and sign up or you can use the full site.

I decided to check out this box while I was in town. I have been twice and will be going again tomorrow. I must say that I was extremely impressed with Derek. I have been doing crossfit for 8 months and I am still learning every day. I have an awesome box back home so I didn’t know what to expect. Derek was very attentive to everyone in the class including myself, he even went on to suggest some advice to improve my DU’s and power cleans that actually worked. I can’t speak about the other staff but I would definitely recommend this box to anyone whether they’re starting out or dropping in from out of town.

Dropped in 2 times while in town for a wedding and I have to say that this place is top notch all the way around. Great staff, friendly people and good programming. I would recommend this place to anyone needing to get their workout fix.