You Either Win Or Learn
  Are you someone that fears the weights? If this is you, you are not alone. I would say the majority of people would admit the barbell being a little scary at times. Fear is one of the most  natural human feelings we can have. It is our bodies way of warning us we are  [...]
Z1 Active Recovery
Z1 is the first of the training zones. This is for active recovery. It is meant to be done at an easy pace. The key to Z1 is performing activities at a low enough intensity while allowing you to carry on a conversation. The great thing about Z1 is that its something you can do  [...]
Shoulder Mobility
I came across this video of Kelly Starrett demonstrating a mobility exercise to fix your internal rotation. It is easy to understand and implement. Try it out before before your next workout especially if overhead work is involved.      [...]
Benefits of White Rice
When we think of weight loss and eating healthy white rice is not at the top of the list for many as a contributor. It is not low calorie or high in nutrients. You might be thinking so what’s the point? It can serve as a prime energy source for your body and can assist  [...]
We all prioritize and block-out time in our day to day life with things that we value. Whether that might be work, family, fitness, or relaxation. We discipline ourselves in these things to accomplish the best result. Why aren’t we disciplined with our sleep? This is something that affects all areas of our life and  [...]
We all have skills, lifts, and exercises that we enjoy doing that make us feel better. They give us a sense of satisfaction after completing them and completing them well. On the other end of the spectrum we all have entered the gym, walked over to the board, and viewed a WOD we were not  [...]
OPTIMAL NUTRITION FOR OPTIMAL TRAINING & RESULTS Let’s turn the clock back a couple million years to a time when we ate only what could be hunted, gathered, eaten raw or cooked over flame, when we were naturally lean and athletic & aged gracefully without degenerative diseases…before the introduction of: modern day agriculture, chemical preservatives  [...]