Paleo Breakfast Casserole
  This is a great breakfast casserole for the weekend that you can munch on for a few days.  It feeds about 5-6 people. This recipe can also serve as breakfast on the go. It’s well rounded with protein, carbs and fats. Enjoy!   Ingredients 2 tablespoons fat of choice (coconut oil or butter or  [...]
5 Reasons You Have No Energy!
  With the end of 2014 right around the corner. Some of us have been worn down with busy schedules, entertaining, work, and getting ready for the holidays. People might ask how are you doing and the first thing you want to say is I am just tired. Here are 5 reasons you are probably  [...]
Tips for Your Grip
  Written by: Gabrielle Andrews Crossfit focuses a lot on building grip strength. We have movements in almost every workout we do that will require grip strength. Whether it be barbell work, pull ups, rope climbs, farmers walk or kettlebell swings, to name a few, all these movements are taxing on your grip. We are  [...]
Crockpot Pulled Pork Chili
Written by Gabrielle Andrews   It’s time to pull out the crockpot! Fall is here and the perfect time to use your crockpot. Food prep for the week can be overwhelming. The great thing about this Paleo recipe is the 10 min prep time, leave it cooking all day then coming home with dinner ready  [...]
It’s the holiday season. We will gather with family and friends to celebrate with food, laughter, old memories and making new ones. Crossfit 480 would like to take a moment and say thank you to all of our members and coaches. We are grateful for your support, time, and hard work. Thank you for being  [...]
3 Reasons Why You Are Still Unable To Get A Pull Up
  Have you been Crossfitting more than a year and the thought of a pull up still baffles you? No, I am not talking about a half strict half kipping pull up with the band. I am talking about an unassisted strict dead hang pull with arms fully extended at the bottom and then chin  [...]
Understanding What a Coach Can and Can’t Provide
  Written by Gabrielle Andrews Coaching Crossfit presents a distinctive outlook on the trials of training. For example, when coaching a team in high school everyone is close in age and the skill level is not to far off from each other. So the standard in practice was about the same for all. When coaching  [...]
Veterans Day
  Written by Brian Gubernick   It’s Veterans Day! This is one of the days that we should truly reflect on what we have in our lives and why we have it. We are so blessed to make decisions about where we go to congregate, where we send our kids to school, what politics we  [...]
The Benefits of Compression Pants
Written by Gabrielle Andrews   Compression pants have many benefits and can be worn year around. Since we are moving into the cooler time of year they are great to wear while working out, doing Z1, and assist in recovery. The lightweight/thin material makes it easy to move with whatever activity you choose to wear  [...]
What Are You Waiting For?
  Written by Gabrielle Andrews   When asking people about fitness/exercise I have heard this response on multiple occasions, Crossfit that looks really hard and I would need to get in better shape before doing that. In my head I am thinking, isn’t that the whole point. I remember when I started Crossfit, I saw  [...]
Gluten Free Halloween Candy
  Many adults and kids today have a gluten intolerance. Especially during the holidays we all want to enjoy celebrating with our friends and family. Here are some options that are gluten free that you might not have known.   3 Musketeers Hersey’s Milk Chocolate Jolly Ranchers Laffy Taffy Lemonheads Life Savers M&M’s Now &  [...]
A Top Supplement You Should Be Taking
  Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) is one of the most commonly used supplement on the market today. Fish and fish oil are the richest source of omega 3’s – EPA and DHA are the main two. Omega 3 is a vital part of your overall health, many know it can lower triglycerides and  [...]