Above is an old video I came across. If you know JB then it is kinda funny, if not then it might just be weird. Back Squat 2reps @70% x 5 EMOM for 14 Odd – 10 WB Even – 3-5 Weighted Pull-Ups or 5-7 BW/assisted CrossFit in Scottsdale CrossFit 480 Fitness  [...]
7 Things Every CrossFitter Should Have in Their Gym Bag!
  1. Workout Journal- This is probably the most important item you need to bring with you to the gym. It is good to track your progression in a journal or on your phone. How can you improve without knowing your numbers. 2. Lacrosse Ball- Crossfit is all about moving efficiently. In order to be  [...]
Why BCAAs Before Your Workout?
Written by Derek Kneadler You all know I don’t push most supplements, but if you are looking to try something, read up on BCAAs. They are cheap and effective. I use them almost everyday and drink during my workouts. 5-20grams, but I would say that 10grams is enough for any of us. Also, keep in  [...]
Should I Register for the CrossFit Open?
  The Open is upon us! For some that just joined CrossFit, you might not even know what that means. Every year CrossFit has the Open which is a series of workouts that will be announced and performed every week. This will be 5 weeks long. Scores will be posted after each workout is completed.  [...]
Pizza Spaghetti Pie
  This recipe is a healthy alternative to delivery. It is extremely filling and even something the kids would enjoy. It smells delicious when baking too! Ingredients 1 large spaghetti squash (about 600 grams) 1 pound italian sausage ½ yellow onion, diced 1 cup pizza sauce (no sugar added) 1 teaspoon dried basil salt and  [...]
Hand Maintenance
  So you have been doing CrossFit for a while and your hands are accustomed to bar-bell work, pull-ups, ring work, and toes to bar. While learning and progressing with these movements are exciting,  your hands might not feel the same way. It is important to properly take care of them, so they will not  [...]
5 Ways to Cook a Sweet Potato
  1. French-fried This is a great way to change up the way you eat sweet potatoes that are light and healthy. After cutting the potatoes into strips place them on a baking sheet and spread with coconut oil. You can add salt, pepper or your favorite seasoning. Bake fries at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for  [...]
7 Steps to Better Sleep
  We all have things in our life that can interfere with our sleep. The pressure of work, family, kids, unexpected challenges and illness. No wonder why getting a good nights sleep is difficult. Although we are unable to control some of the factors that play a role in our lack of sleep, we can  [...]
How to Stay Motivated
  The holidays have come and gone. The hype of New Years resolutions have started to fade. How do you stay motivated to keep going and not get overwhelmed? Statistics show that only 71% of resolutions stick past two weeks. Here are a few tips to keep motivated two weeks into 2015.   Identify your  [...]
Paleo Italian Meatloaf
  Just because you made the commitment to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat boring! Here is a hardy dinner that will fill you up and is full of flavor. It serves 3-4 and takes about 50 min. from start to finish. Ingredients For the meatloaf 1lb grass fed ground beef 1 yellow  [...]
Breaking Through the Mental Barrier
Written by Gabrielle Andrews   Our mind is a powerful thing. It can push our body to go to a place it never thought possible or it can do the opposite and hold you back. The strong learn how to control their mind when its screaming at them to stop. The weak let it take  [...]
Make your Fitness and Health Resolutions Stick in 2015!
  We have seen countless motivational quotes, videos, and ads for make 2015 the best yet! How do we do this? We need to find what works best for each individual and the best way to set us up for success. It is good to reflect back on this past year and celebrate the successes,  [...]