Gab comp

Written by Gabrielle Andrews


Our mind is a powerful thing. It can push our body to go to a place it never thought possible or it can do the opposite and hold you back. The strong learn how to control their mind when its screaming at them to stop. The weak let it take over and take control.


Is it possible to develop an action plan to break through these barriers? Yes! Here are a few key elements to help you next time your mind starts taking charge.


One more rep.

When that voice inside your head is yelling at you to “drop the bar” or “take a break,” it’s decision time. One more rep. You fight back with everything you have to do just one more, when you succeed this builds confidence and strength. This over time is building control over the voice upstairs.


Small goals.

When working out, always have small goals in mind. Small goals lead to big goals. Here is an example, if the workout calls for a high rep scheme of thrusters or cleans, start out with a number in mind, maybe that’s 5 for you. When you hit 5, maybe you can do 5 more, then another 5, then 3, and 2. Do not be concrete on the number, see how you feel because you possibly can do more than you had in mind. Chip away at it one rep at a time.


Break through the wall.

I will give you a personal example for this one. It doesn’t even have to do with “working out” but this has helped me personally when training. When I was diagnosed with Lupus, it held me back from doing many things. I was fearful of what “might” happen if I pushed to hard or tried exercising. I remember joining a senior citizens water therapy class at the YMCA, everyone was over 3 times my age. That was breaking through a wall for me, of what people thought and how my body would feel doing this. I did it and stuck with it. This was the start my exercise journey. Fast forward 6 years and I am now a competitive CrossFit Athlete. I set small goals, those turned into big goals, and then broke through walls. Remember those times in life you pushed through and came out stronger on the other side or that workout that pushed you to your max. You chose to push harder and hit a goal. Those build and become BIGGER goals.


Your body can handle more than your mind will tell you. Don’t let it defeat you; show it who is calling the shots.