LILI Winners

Thank you to all that came out yesterday to support CrossFit 480’s 3rd Annual “Lift It/Love It” charity competition! Despite the cold weather it was a great day and, most importantly, we raised over $2,500 for the event’s beneficiary, [email protected]

Congratulations to the winners of Lift It/Love It – Meghan Sweet and Bryan Holland. Thank you to the sponsors that generously assisted by contributing to the prize packages, dedicating time, and/or donating funds to LILI and [email protected]

CNN Mortgage –
Printing Solutions –
Homehelper Consultants Real Estate –
Roadrunner Sports –
Big Time Threads Screenprinting
Back on the Bar (BOTB)
True Foods/Juby True

A very special thanks to all of the CF480 members that helped with all aspects of the event…we could not have done it without you!

And now, for the competition results…

2013 Lift It Love It Results

All, the following is a message from JB that he asked we share with our members. Derek and I greatly appreciate all that JB brought to our gym (except the singlet he wore on squat days) – passion, energy, excitement, grit, dedication, and loyalty. JB was with us from the very beginning, and he has always been committed to helping us build the best CrossFit box in AZ. He may be moving on but the impression he left in our gym will always remain. Thanks JB! We wish you the best of luck, and know that you are always welcome back at 480 (hopefully a WOD with running or box jumps will not be on the board that day).

As you will soon find out I am not going to continue on at 480. It has been a privilege to work with all of you that I have had the opportunity to work with and I truly value the time we got to spend together. A few of you were there with me as soon as the doors opened and it has been such a joy to watch you grow and gain such confidence in yourselves through Crossfit. I had wanted to work with people for some time and I myself did not have the confidence in my abilities to do so and I want to thank Brian and Derek for believing in me, giving me the opportunity, and trusting in my ability enough to let me work with their clients and help build 480 to what it is today. Sometimes we need change to better ourselves no matter how uncomfortable or hard it is. I have been thinking about this for sometime and this was certainly not an easy decision to arrive at but I feel like change was needed for myself and 480…… and both of us will be better because of it. I will miss my 5:30am folks very much and hope to see you all at some local competitions this year. Train hard, stay healthy, be happy. —-JB OUT

Justin Baumgartner
cell: 480-381-1902
[email protected]

Hope For Cure

Power Snatch 75/55
Box Jumps (step down)
Thrusters 75/55
Pull Ups C2B

*1min at each station, max reps.

Whole 30

CF480 is challenging you to 30 days of good, clean, paleo eating. If you have a desire to challenge yourself in a unique way that will better your understanding of how your body processes foods and maybe helps you shed a few pounds – we are kicking off our Whole 30 Challenge on May 29th!

What is the Whole 30? Simply put, it is Whole9’s original program designed to change your life in 30 days. Think of it as a short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food. Since 2009, thousands of people have used this program as a jump-start to changing the way they eat for the rest of their lives. CF480 held its first Whole 30 Challenge in the early Fall of 2012. The results our Challenge participants experienced were remarkable to say the least.

This time around we plan on taking it up a notch…

Here’s the scoop. We have worked out an exclusive deal with Body Technologies to provide body fat measurements BEFORE and AFTER the Whole 30 Challenge. Body Technologies uses a unique body composition testing tool called the Bod Pod. Prior to starting the Challenge, participants are encouraged to make an appointment at Body Technologies. 30 or so days later, participants will again test their body composition to determine the progress that they made. CF480 will be awarding the top male and female athletes for greatest overall change in body composition. In addition to the testing, participants will also receive daily emails from CF480 aimed to prepare you, motivate you, and ensure your success (emails are courtesy of the Whole 30 Daily Newsletter). We will also take a group tour of Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to review the foods that work…and those that do not work when it comes to staying Whole 30 compliant. Lastly, like last year, we will have a Facebook group page for all participants to share their experiences and to hold one another accountable.

The cost to participate in this year’s challenge is $59. Sign up at the gym today and schedule your appointment with Body Technologies in the coming week or two! Last year we had a large number of participants and the Challenge was a lot of fun (well, except for Little Zach as his numbers “somehow” went the wrong direction). Sign up ASAP!

Body Technologies
7500 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd.
Suite A109
Scottsdale, AZ

Christmas Story CrossFit 480

To celebrate the holidays and the many successes of our members this past year, CF480 is hosting its 2nd Annual Holiday Dinner on Saturday, 12/15 at 6pm at the gym! All 480 members and their families are welcome to attend.

This event serves a few purposes – first, tis the season to drink (protein shakes), eat (paleo), and be merry (set a PR). Next, we’d like to celebrate the hard work and commitment of our members this past year. Lastly, Derek, JB, LC, Meghan, Ellie, and I are incredibly thankful to each of you for helping us build CF480 to what it is today. Without you, none of this would be possible. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our members, for your unwavering support.

The “main” dishes are sponsored by Homehelper Consultants and The Joint Chiropractic. However, we’d like to have members bring sides, desserts, etc. (potluck style). We will have a sheet at the gym for you to note what it is that you’ll be bringing.

Again, children are welcome! If we can find a Santa suit that fits JB, he will be available for Christmas wishlists and family photo opportunities.

Please RSVP at the gym – look for a sign up sheet on the board

Below are the heats for tomorrow’s event, WOD #1. Check in opens at 7am. Announcements at 8am. First heat starts at 8:15am!

Heat 1

Kate Lydy
Michaela Hickman
Melissa Pruett
Kaitlin Schuck
Kelly Pritchard
Sierra Uribe
Becky Andrle
Amy Schmid
Brianna Collum
Andrea Hurley
Emily Warner

Heat 2

Melissa Einbinder
Jenna Houser
Aimee Berencsi
Amanda Houser
Meghan Sweet
Leslie Gray
Alexa Fourlis
Janine Pereira
Katie Kunitzer
Jenn Hallquist
Lauren Crump

Heat 3

Crysti Rose
Gina Buban
Katie Hartz
Stacey Blackgoat
Mandy Bustamante
Rachel Goodman
Jessica Mackuse
Kevin Crestin
Luke Reynoso
Scott Tamborski

Heat 4

Daniel Summit
Kyle Sprouse
David Anderson
Mike McLinn
Brett Purcell
Peter Deeley
Jeremy Ford
Grant Van Der Beken
Christopher Lees
Dustin Wells
John Wolfe

Heat 5

Brian Hunsicker
Mark Downhour
Evan Ware
Jon Edwards
Brad Larsen
Adam Voci
Sam Kendrick
Jamie Handley
Noah Broscious
Tim Glover
Greg Bilbro

Heat 6

Ryan Paschke
Jose Quintana III
Michael Rodriguez
Manu Robertson
James Sanchez
Andrew Cifelli
Corbett McCallum
David Gott
Christopher Rutz
Michael Wusterbarth
Andy Wickizer

Heat 7

Ibrahim Peek
Travis Sanchez
Dairus Barnes
Tyler Romine
Rick Challoner
Roger Francis
Matthew Horton
Sage Huseas
Danny Lazzeri
Doug Carter
Ryan Kinney

Heat 8

Zach Gibbs
Peter Hill
Colin Jenkins
Moses Cordova
Danny Nichols
Matthew Bryant
James Taylor
Kevin Cherrick
Michael Baumgarten
Joshua Baumgarten
Zachary Kepes

Heat 9


If you have had a chance to train alongside Kevin then you’d know that he is one of the hardest working athletes we have at CrossFit 480. From his first day in the box, Kevin has been committed to bettering his performance and pushing himself to new limits. Kevin’s a big dude…and he “should” have challenges performing certain CrossFit movements and lifts. However, he does not know this (please don’t tell him) and you can oftentimes catch him getting deeper on his Overhead Squat or jumping on a higher box than guys half his size. We are fortunate to have Kevin at 480, and if you have yet to meet him please make an effort to do so as his attitude is contagious.

Name: Kevin Kauffman
Nickname: K-Gun, Pooh Bear
Profession: Real Estate Team and Brokerage owner. Speaker and information product sales business.
How long CrossFitting: Almost a year, but started getting serious about in September of 2011.
Hobbies/Activities Outside of CF480: Hiking with my wife and two dogs. I love live music (rap, punk, rock, and some old school country) Playing OTL (Over The Line), Watching UFC, and going to the beach whenever possible.
Something About Yourself That Nobody Would Know/Expect: I’ve run a video blog with my business partner for the past few years that a couple hundred to a couple thousand people visit daily.
CrossFit Goals (Next 6 months): To continue to get better in all aspects of CrossFit. Improve my WOD times and increase weights. Continue losing fat and gaining muscle and eat clean 90% or more of the time. I love the CF community and want to be continue to give more to it and get more from it. I’d love to think I could get double unders and pull ups in the next 6 months but I’d settle for DUs first.
Personal Goals (Next 6 months): Most of my personal goals correlate with my CF goals right now. Other than that, I’d really like to finally hit my 5,000th friend on Facebook (Kevin Kauffman Facebook) because I really like (most) people.

CrossFit 480 Caveman Combine 2012

Great job to all that participated in Round 1 of the CrossFit 480’s 2012 Caveman Combine. Some top performances for the day include:

Brandon and Heather with 28 Reps each on the Alpha (bench press)…Christina was right behind with 25.

The young pup, Little Johnny, crushed the older crew with a 16.5 second time in the Survival of the Fittest test (agility test).

Shane and Kelli should consider teaming up and performing the slam dunk routine with the Gorilla at Phoenix Suns games as both put up the top scores in the Fruit Grab (vertical jump) and River Leap (broad jump). Kelli then hung on (literally) to just barely beat Mike D. in the Cliff Hang (bar hang for time).

So fast he may have burned a hole in the side of his New Balance’s, Mark L. dominated the Vine climb with Raquel posting the fastest time for the girls. Mark L. followed up his Vine Climb display with a “gut wrenching” performance in the Battle with a Sabertooth (metronome test).

In arguably the performance of the day, Big Johnny posted a score of 60 reps in the Stone Press (sandbag press). Something tells me this guy is going to post some big numbers in the finals 60 days from today.

In the final event, Bringing Home the Kill (800M sandbag carry), Ryan N. blazed in the door with the top finish for the men, and Kelli had the top overall score with just over 4 minutes…

Preliminary Scores will be posted at the gym so please be sure to check them out before your next class. We have 7 athletes running through the Combine on Monday night at 6pm and we’ll be posting another update to let you know how they did. If you have not signed up for the Caveman Combine but still want to let us know ASAP!

Most every Friday, CrossFit 480 will now be showcasing one of our many phenomenal members on our site. We all know each other in the gym but few of us know each other outside of CF480. Now’s your chance to learn a bit more…

Jamie PrimakowName: Jamie Primakow

Nickname: Smurfette, Nugget, Jam

Profession: Senior Software Engineer/R&D Manager

How long CrossFitting: 6 months (32lbs ago)

Hobbies/Activities Outside of CF480: Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Mtn Biking, Hiking, Cycling, Camping, Boating, Cooking, Research, DIY projects, Animals…in case I forgot something major – anything else outdoorsy.

Something About Yourself That Nobody Would Know/Expect: Used to rollerblade competitively in my teens. Vert, Street and Speed.

CrossFit Goals – Next 6 months: Be able to do muscle-ups on a bar and rings

Personal Goals – Next 6 months:
Lead a 5.10 clean (outdoor climbing)

CrossFit 480 Caveman Challenge

CrossFit 480 is happy to announce our first ever members only “challenge”!

As you all know, CrossFit consists of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. Oftentimes we equate our CrossFit routine and general lifestyle to that of our paleolithic ancestors as these relatives had to live off of the land, hunt, run, jump, throw, lift, push, pull, and survive some of the harshest conditions our planet has ever had to endured. Only the strong survived. Now, we will never be able to fully mimic the activity of humans from hundreds of thousands of years ago (nor would we necessarily want to), but at CrossFit 480 we give it our absolute best attempt at doing so with respect to our training and nutrition!

The physical and mental improvements you make at CF480 must translate into success outside of the gym, otherwise we have failed in our mission. We have created the Caveman Combine to test the progress you’ve made on tasks and skills we generally do not perform in the gym.

Here’s how it works – starting at 8am on Saturday, 1/28 we will be testing all members that register for the Caveman Combine on 9 “cavemanesque” activities. The activities include the following:

The Stone Toss (Med Ball Toss for Distance)
Vine Climb (Rope Climb X3 for time) OR Cliff Hang (Bar Hang for time)
River Leap (Broad Jump)
Fruit Grab (Vertical Jump)
Bringing Home the Kill (800M Sandbag Carry)
Battle with a Sabertooth (Metronome run test)
The Alpha (Bench Press for reps)
Survival of the Fittest (Agility Test)
Head to Head with a Mammoth (50M Sled push for time)

We will test/measure each participant in all activities. 60 days later we will retest, and after the retest we’ll be hosting a Paleo Barbecue at the gym.

Prizes will be awarded to the most improved male and female athletes as well as the athletes with the top cumulative scores. We have created a scoring system that places equal weight on each activity, and a final score will be determined for each participant in the initial test as well as the final test to determine improvement and best score.

Over the course of 60 days we will have 3 guest speakers that will address all participants on subjects that will aid in increasing performance, maximizing recovery, and optimizing your training for greater results. The speakers will be announced in the coming week or so but I assure you that you will not want to miss any of their presentations.

Lastly, all participants will receive a T-Shirt designed exclusively by Ellie G.

The cost to register for the Caveman Combine is $50. You can sign up at the gym before or after your next class!