Gym Bag


1. Workout Journal- This is probably the most important item you need to bring with you to the gym. It is good to track your progression in a journal or on your phone. How can you improve without knowing your numbers.

2. Lacrosse Ball- Crossfit is all about moving efficiently. In order to be efficient you need to be in the proper position. Use the Lacrosse ball to get into those sore points to open up the tissue for better range of motion. To attack your spinal erectors get 2 extra balls and tape them together for an additional way to stay mobile. For mobility exercises check out

3. Lifting Shoes- The benefits of wearing lifting shoes increases hip and ankle flexibility which will help you get lower in the squat. These should definitely be worn when Oly Lifting and even beneficial during some workouts.

4. Speed Rope- It’s good to have your own rope customized for your height. This is a great way to get you warmed up and ready to go for the workout. Also having your own rope can allow you to practice double unders as needed!

5. Athletic/ Strapping Tape- This is a good multipurpose item to have in your gym bag. It can be used to tape your wrist, cover injuries, cuts and protect against tears. It’s a cheap item that is great for back up if necessary.

6. Long Socks or Shin Protectors- Box jumps, rope climbs, and deadlifts are a few movements that can put your shins at risk. To prevent potential scrapes and scarring this is a necessary investment. Also no one wants blood on the equipment.

7.  Banana- Sometimes you need a dose of energy before your workout or even in the middle of it. Bananas are a quick, easy and healthy energy source. It also contains a sufficient amount of electrolytes.

Be ready to tackle anything that is thrown your way in the gym today. You are prepared and ready to go!