150 Wall Balls


3:30pm open gym is canceled.
8am CrossFit class only on Saturday.
Equipment pickup after till 2pm. Cash and personal checks to Brian Gubernick only please.

I decided to post this tonight instead of doing it on the last day. The last blog post at 480 is for someone else. Don’t forget we will have some food and beer at the gym on Saturday, friends and family welcome. – Derek

Saturday is the last workout at CrossFit 480. I wish I could be at the gym on Saturday, but unfortunately I am in training out of state. It has been a great ride and the friendships that were made in our community are priceless. 480 is where I met my beautiful wife. She joined right when we opened and in her 1st class she was solo. From that day forward every time I saw her walk into the gym my heart skipped a beat. I am going to miss 480 and everyone that is a part of it…well maybe not Noah and Kauffman.
I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and allowing me to be your coach. CrossFit is a journey and while I am stepping away from being an affiliate owner, this is not the end of my journey. Please continue your journey with CrossFit as it is one of the best things in my life and I hope yours too. Thank you with all my heart.
– Derek

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