Cory Remsburg Lift It Love It2012 Lift It/Love It Results

It was an exciting day, kicked off by “Helen” as WOD #1. Michael Rodriguez of East Valley CrossFit and Melissa Einbinder of CrossFit Scottsdale had the fastest times for the men and women, respectively. WOD #2 was a thruster ladder. Multiple bars were set, and athletes were required to perform 3 burpees before executing 5 consecutive thrusters in 60 seconds at each station before moving on to the next “level”. Upon failure, athletes performed as many burpees as possible. Danny Nichols of OPT was the only competitor on the day to complete the entire ladder (the last men’s station was 215 lbs.) while Amy Schmid of CF480 posted the top score for the women.

The top 3 ranked men and women after the first 2 WOD’s faced off in a winner take all WOD #3. This WOD consisted of power cleans and rope climbs. Each athlete completed 5 rope climbs before moving to their first bar to complete 5 power cleans. The process was repeated – 4, then 4, 3, then 3, 2, then 2, 1, then 1…with the power clean increasing to a final rep weight of 175# for the women and 245# for the men. In the end, Melissa Einbinder edged out Aimee Berensci of CrossFit Fury and Meghan Sweet of OPT & CF480 for the victory. In the men’s final, Moses Cordova of OPT beat Colin Jenkins, also of OPT, and Andrew Cifelli from CrossFit Solution to take the crown. Congratulations to Mel and Moses…we look forward to seeing you defend your titles next year!

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A special thanks to Mike Gillis and his company, Tru Strength Fabrications ( for throwing together the pull up rig we had outside with about 48 hours notice. Also, I cannot forget to thank our resident jack of all trades, DJ Jay Bizzle aka Justin Baumgartner, for working the turntables all morning while at the same time competing (JB’s company, Laughing Giraffe Organics – – also provided some snacks throughout the day. Thanks buddy.